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Rent a Car Bacau Rent-a-Car Inchirieri masini Bacau - Terms and conditions in use of the vehicle
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Terms and conditions in use of the vehicle
1. Minimum rent period is 24 hours. The failure to comply with the vehicle-return deadline by more than 3 (three) hours will lead to the prolongation of the contract with another 24 hours, ONLY IF the lessee requests this by phone or in writing. OTHERWIE, THE DELAYS IN RETURNING THE VEHICLE WILL BE COMMUNICATED TO COMPETENT POLICE AUTHORITIES, AND POSSIBLY THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE! If the contract is prolonged upon request by another 24 hours the loan price for the new day will be calculated according to the standard offer.
The prolongation of the contract is made only with the lessor's consent and depending on the availability for the period requested for prolongation. If the prolongation is not made with the lessor's consent, the lessee also takes the risk for possible additional expenses caused by the replacement of the vehicle if it was initially programmed for another loan. Additional expenses can be due either to the price difference for a higher class vehicle, or by the replacement of the contracted vehicle with another vehicle belonging to a partner-company.
2. The owner will deliver the car in good running conditions, without any defects, washed and cleaned, on the inside and outside, at the place mutually agreeded and with the tank full.. The fuel is not included in the price of the loan.
3. The wearing out of tires, oil, wind shield washing liquid, suspensions, engine and gear box, being considered as normal is held to the owner.
4. The rented vehicle will be received by the owner washed and cleaned, on the inside and outside, and with the tank full.
If, due to objective reasons, the lessee cannot deliver the vehicle washed and cleaned, on the inside and outside, (s)he will pay 15 (fifteen) EUR. In this case, the lessor reserves the right to return the equivalent value of the guarantee only after the vehicle has been washed, in order to avoid its reception with damages that can only be seen after washing.

5. The lessee will pay to the owner the amount specified in the appendix and by the case the airport delivery and/or after hours delivery fee (if so is stipulated in the appendix). Minimum rental period is 24 hours. The payment will be made at the beginning of the rental period (pick up of the car).
6. The delivery / reception of the vehicle with the tank full. Any difference shown by the panel indicator will be paid by the lessee as follows: 50 EUR for ¾ tank absence, 35 EUR pt. ½ tank absence, 20 EUR pt. ¼ tank absence;
7. Upon the conclusion of the contract the lessee will pay a guarantee of 300 Euro. This represents the guaranteed liability of the lessee and it will be returned upon the reception of the vehicle, if the vehicle is in good condition, is accompanied by all its documents, all accessories and equipment not damaged and in place, at the place and on the date and time specified in the contract.
8. If upon the reception of the vehicle there are damages uncovered by the insurance company (mechanical damages, small scratches, interior damages, loss of accessories, etc.) the guarantee will be retained until the equivalent value of the damages is paid, after which the payment documents will be issued.

9. The client agrees to the car must not be driven or used under the following conditions: a) By breaching the rules referring to driving vehicles in Romania;
b) For sublease or other financial benefits;
c) By breaching the specifications in the documents of the vehicle referring to the maximum admissible weight and the number of persons who can travel in the vehicle;
d) In view of pushing or pulling another vehicle or a trailer;
e) When the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances inducing psychotropic effects, which can affect his/her concentration, as well as his/her mental or physical abilities;
f) Repairs performed at service units other than those recommended by the owner;
g) Using the vehicle for any type of racing or sports competitions, official or non-official, and also for attending rallies and strikes;
h) Leaving the doors of the vehicle open and the keys in the ignition, or the doors, windows or hoods open;
i) Using the vehicle without complying with the manufacturer's instructions;
j) Using the vehicle off-road, on poor roads or rough terrain;
k) Breaching the meaning of the "STOP" sign, traffic lights, limits of admissible speed, running on the wrong side of the road or on streets with the "Forbidden road side" sign.
If there are problems while driving the vehicle, including panel pilot lights or abnormal noises, the lessee will stop the vehicle immediately and will notify the owner, otherwise there is the risk of aggravating the problem and be held liable for the damages caused to the vehicle.
10. Any damage caused while using the vehicle, other than those caused by the normal wear process, from the fault of the lessee will be financially covered by the latter.
11. Breaking of this conditions will held the lessee responsibility.
12. The owner reserves the right to find hidden damages within 24 hours after the reception of the vehicle, caused from the lessee's fault, and notify the latter on the equivalent value of the damages. There are damages that cannot be found upon visual inspection and which require detailed checking at an authorized service unit.

13. The lessee is liable and agrees to pay all expenses or losses caused by:
a) The incorrect operation or maintenance of the vehicle, including engine or transmission damages, or ones differentially caused by inadequate lubrication or overheating;
b) Damages to the spare tire, upholstery and covers (damaging the upholstery or covers, tearing, scratching, spots, etc, including spilling soft or alcoholic) and also to the panel, tools or accessories delivered with the vehicle;
c) Damages caused following the failure to comply with the legal requirements, even when the vehicle is not driven on a public road;
d) Damages caused while committing a crime or contravention by the lessee;
e) Damages caused by the driver while attempting to escape arrest or any other punishment, not stopping upon the request of the police or other competent authorities;
14. Fines for traffic contraventions or other breaches of the law referring to the vehicle;
15. The lessee is also liable for theft or attempted theft, if it is not communicated to the closest police section.
16. The lessee also agrees to pay:
a) If the radio-cassette player is destroyed 300 EUR will be deduced from the guarantee;
b) For damages caused by sticking scotch tape or other adhesives in order to attach flowers or other ornaments to the vehicle body, the equivalent value of 50 EUR will be paid, representing expenses for cleaning and polish treatment service;
c) If the registration plate is lost, 50 EUR will be deduced from the guarantee;
d) For inadequate use of chewing gum, 10 EUR will be deduced from the guarantee for each piece of chewing gum tuck to the upholstery or carpets;
e) If the tires are cut, pierced or damaged in any other way, 100 (one hundred) EUR / piece will be deduced from the guarantee;
f) If the rims are damaged (scratching, bending or breaking) 300 EUR will be deduced from the guarantee for each aluminum alloy rim, respectively 100 EUR / piece for other types of rims.
g) If the documents of the vehicle are lost a penalty of 200 Euro will be paid;
h) If the lessee loses the keys he will pay 200 Euro for the remote keys, 150 Euro for normal keys, 50 euro for alarm remote control;
17. If one of the conditions enumerated in article 13,14,15,16 is found, the guarantee or the difference resulting from the payment of the damages will be paid after remedying the damages or replacing the equipment. If an accident is caused from the lessee' fault, 400 EUR will be deduced from the guarantee, representing damages. Moreover, the lessee will pay the equivalent value of 60 (sixty) % of the loan price according to the price chart and the equivalent value for the 15% of the repairing price.

18. The owner has FULL CASCO insurance against theft and accidents that may involve the vehicle. The insurance for accidents suffered by people and luguages is not included in the price,Upon the lessee's request, additional insurance can be concluded, bearing the respective costs.
19. Also, the owner of the vehicle has paid the road (vigneta) and the civil liability insurance for vehicles.

20. The owner is not liable for losses directly or indirectly caused to the lessee following either the damaging of the vehicle or the loss of objects in the vehicle.

21. The lessee agrees to protect the interests of the owner and the insurance company in case of accidents, thefts or damages:
a) by obtaining the names and addresses of witnesses and third parties;
b) by ensuring that the vehicle is supervised at all times;
c) by notifying the owner and the police by phone within 15 fifteen hours after the occurrence of such an event. 22. The following documents must be requested from the nearest police station, immediately after the occurrence of the accident or theft: a) Official report or its annex (appendix 2) signed by the police officer who instrumented the case, bearing the seal of the respective police section;
b) In the case of an accident, proof to indicate that the driver was not driving under the influence of alcohol or any other forbidden substances;
c) Vehicle repair authorization signed by the police officer who instrumented the case, bearing the seal of the respective police section;
d) A copy of the civil liability for vehicles insurance coupon corresponding to the vehicle driven by the diver responsible for the accident.
23. If the lessee cannot obtain the documents requested above or if (s)he has breached Romanian laws, including those referring to driving on public roads, or if the lessee or persons connected to him/ her act in contradiction to the terms of the present contract, they will be liable all the damages.

24. This contract is made and signed under Romanian law. Any issue resulting from this contract will be sold in Romanians courts of law.
25. This contract was made in 2 original copies, one for each part. Each part read and understood the contract.
26. By signing the contract and the appendix the lessee agrees that he rented the car in good running conditions and he mentioned any complains on the appendix at the pick - up time.

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